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Orcaorca is a Japanese folktronica duo consisting of guitarist maya Kawadias and pianist arabesque Choche. Its woody and rusty flow of music coming from the mixture of both organic and inorganic elements invites the listeners to the another world.


arabesque Choche

arabesque Choche composer/pianist

He was born to Czech father and Japanese mother. He started piano at the age of three and received a classical music education. After he graduated at the top of his class from a graduate school of music in Japan, he went to Austria to devoted himself to the study of piano. Up until now, he has won a number of awards in classical piano, held solo piano recitals and also performed in chamber and full orchestra concerts. He started composing music when he was in high school, and after going through many experiences in music, he found his new style of expressing himself and started Orcaorca. He produces video works of Orcaorca.  Apart from that, he is a member of electronica group “Chouchou” with a vocalist juliet Heberle, Lo-fi Hip Hop project "no go", and composing music under the name of "Arabesque Choche" as a composer. Some of his album ranked #1 in electronic genre charts on iTunes.

チェコ人の父と日本人の母を持つ。3歳からピアノを始め、クラシック音楽の教育を受ける。国内音楽大学院を主席で卒業後、オーストリアに渡り研鑽を積む。これまでに数々の賞を受賞し、ソロリサイタル、室内楽やオーケストラとの共演も行っている。また高校時代より作曲を始め、様々な音楽活動を経て、自らの新しい表現のスタイルとしてOrcaorcaの活動を開始。Orcaorcaの映像制作も行う。 その他に、ヴォーカルjuliet Heberleとのエレクトロニカグループ「Chouchou」や、「no go」名義ではLo-fi Hip Hopのサウンドを手がけ、「Arabesque Choche」名義ではソロの作曲家として作品をリリースしている。Chouchouでは過去数作、iTunesエレクトロニックジャンルで1位を獲得している。

maya kawadias

maya kawadias composer/guitarist/designer

He was born in Japan and grew up in Tokyo. His parents sent him to piano lessons when he was little. Influenced by his father, he started playing guitar in high school, and that led him to devote himself to music. After going through many bands in various genres (Rock, Pops, Electronica, etc), he met arabesque Choche, and together they formed Orcaorca. In Orcaorca, he composes music not only with the guitar, but also with other instruments like the mandoline and lute. And with his extensive experience in design, he designs the official websites of Orcaorca, Chouchou and Ulula. He is also a support member of Chouchou.

日本に生まれ東京で育つ。両親の勧めで幼少からピアノを始め、父親の影響で高校時代にギターを始めたことがきっかけで音楽に深く傾倒する。ロック、ポップス、エレクトロニカ等多くのバンド活動を経て出会ったarabesque Chocheと共にOrcaorcaを結成。ギター以外にマンドリンやリュート等も扱いながら作曲をし、一方で豊富なデザイン経験を活かしOrcaorcaやChouchou、Ululaのサイトも手がける。またChouchouのサポートメンバーとしても活動中。


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